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The programme "In the manner of Van Eyck" was inspired by the "modi" of Dutch  composer Jacob van Eyck (1589-1657) in his collection Der Fluyten Lust-hof. This is an attempt to recreate the sonic image of seventeenth century Gdańsk through music that might have been circulating in streets and the households. The search for melodies, popular in the Hanseatic city, begins with instrumental sources located in the collections of  the State Archives in Gdańsk and the Staatsbibliothek in Berlin. As the departure point two manuscripts were chosen: The Gdańsk Organ Tabulature (1591) and Danzinger Lute Tabulature ms 4022, which both offer wide range of sacred and secular repertoire, famous European compositions as well as Polish traditional tunes. Collected melodies serve as a base for creating variations ("modi") in the spirit of Jacob van Eyck's compositions.

This project has been awarded a Cultural Scholarship of the city of Gdańsk.

Variations upon Balletto from Ms 4022 can be found by clicking the icon.

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